Hi. I’m Kirsten…

I come from a long line of dog lovers.  My Gran would often tell us about her summers with Piper and Pik, I grew up with a cocapoo named Ebony, and when I was 21 and on a road trip, I found my heart dog Mollie at a farm in Snowville Utah.  She was the first love of my life.

After I lost my Molly at the good old age of 16, I went for 2 years with no dog, thinking I would never love again.  Then, while volunteering as a photographer at the Humane Society in Colorado Springs, I met a recently surrendered and equally heartbroken Sam curled up in a tight ball in his kennel, and I was done for.  

I imagine you're a dog lover too.  I also imagine you want an amazing portrait of your dog(s) as they are now,  to look back on when you tell your own yesteryear stories.  That's what I do, and that's why I do it.  I get it, and I get it deeply.

I'll tell you this:  No one has ever told me that they wished I had not taken a picture of their dog, quite the opposite actually.  I know that some of my photographs hold the place of honor over the mantel, amongst family galleries, and beside the bed.  It makes my heart sing to be told how precious my pictures are to people.  And I'd be delighted to provide that legacy for you!

Give me a shout to schedule your custom session.  I would love to make some incredible art for you.